Format for exchanging results within AEROCHINA

Format for exchanging results in AEROCHINA

International Center For Numerical Methods In Engineering (© 2007 - CIMNE & INRIA)

  • The AEROCHINA database will include your testcases: title, html description, authors, affiliation and result data. The test-case results will be displayed using GiD, a postprocessing and visualisation software developed by CIMNE.

  • Your results must be provided in data files compliant with the GiD format for presentation at the Barcelona workshop, April 25-27, 2007. The C/C++/Fortran library for converting your result data to the GiD format is available below, courtesy of CIMNE.

  • Deadlines :
  • Click here for the Powerpoint template used to present your test-cases at the Barcelona workshop

  • GiDpost: The C / C++ / Fortran library to create GiD compliant data files

  • Install GiD (not available here, please download it from CIMNE server)
  • The AEROCHINA web
  • The CIMNE web

    Updated March 12th, 2007.