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What we do now :

Our involvment in the SINUS project

Our software implementations :

The SHOOD software

The SHOOD software is an object-based knowledge representation system. It allows the modelling of active, composite, evolving, incomplete and partially inconsistent objects. The target applications include concurrent engineering and integrated design. It is available for research and academic institutions for non-commercial use.

The CAST software

CAST  is a software integration platform. It allows the specification, deployment and execution of distributed collaborative applications and code-coupling.

CAST allows the specification of user applications defined by collections of distributed cooperating components. They are synchronised by a set of choice, delay, iteration, parallel, and sequence operators. CAST  relies on a formal specification formalism and a high-level graphic interface.

Our cooperations :

CAST is a software integration platform. It is used for numeric simulation codes integration in the european DECISION project : "Integrated Optimization Strategies for Increased Engineering Design Complexity" (Esprit project HPCN : EP25058, october 1997-april 2000).

The other project partners are Dassault-Aviation (coordinator), NAG (G.B), MESSET (Finland), VTT (Finland), NOKKA-TUME (Finland) and the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland).

The goal is to develop an integration platform for distributed applications in multi-discipline optimisation problems for complex engineering projects. An example is the code-coupling for combined aerodynamics and structure optimisation in aerospace design.

This project triggered a tight cooperation with the SINUS project (Simulation Numerique pour les Sciences de l'ingenieur) at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis. The CAST platform integrates for example optimisation modules developed by the SINUS project, which are based on genetic algorithms, with aerodynamics simulation codes.

The platform allows the cooperation and coupling of software modules defined by distributed components on local area networks (LAN), networks of workstations (NOW) and wide area networks (WAN). It uses the CORBA standard for the definition, manipulation and execution of the components defined by distributed objects.

It supports the cooperation, coupling and mixing of both Corba and non-Corba compliant software modules. This allows for the integration of existing software, while avoiding costly adaptations to the Corba interface provided by CAST.

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