1 publications


  "High-Performance Issues for Aeronautics Design", Invited Lecture, T. Nguyen and Benoit Lange, WCCM-ECCM-ECFD 2014 Conference, Barcelona (SP), July 2014 .

  "Big Data Issues for e-Science Applications", Invited Lecture, T. Nguyen and Benoit Lange, GRAIN2 Short-Course, Centro Italiano de Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA), Capua (I), July 2014 .

Pressure on a Naca airfoil (OpenFOAM testcase).

  "Some Challenges facing Large Scale Simulations ", Invited Lecture, Open Innovative Software Horizon Forum, University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), March 2010 .


  "A perspective on High-Performance Collaborative Platforms for Multidiscipline Simulation and Optimization", Invited Plenary Lecture, 2nd China-EU Workshop on Multiphysics and RTD Collaboration in Aeronautics, Harbin (China), April 2009. PDF (3 Mb)


  "Collaborative Platforms for Multiphysics Design, Simulation and Optimization", OPALE presentation seminar, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (France), January 2008, PDF (1.2 Mb)

  "Collaborative Platforms for Multiphysics Design Problems", Invited lecture, Seminar FiDiPro DESIGN Project (University of Jyväskylä (Finland), September 2007), PDF (1.6 Mb)



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"Virtual environments for multiphysics applications on computing grids", Invited lecture, AFFRST Seminar on numerical analysis and scientific applications,  Helsinki (Finland), October 2005, PDF file (520Kb)


"Virtual computing environments for problem solving on grids", International Conference Parallel CFD 2004 (Gran Canaria, May 2004), PDF (1,6 Mb)

Minisymposium "Parallel CFD optimization tools", International Conference Parallel CFD 2004 (Gran Canaria, May 2004), PDF(4,3Mb)

Grids : opportunities and drawbacks (Sophia-Antipolis, Octobre 2003) MACSInet Workshop "Modeling, Analysis of coupled PDE systems", AFFRST "Innovative Methods in Advanced Technologies".

Virtual organisations & multidisciplinary applications (Londres, Mai 2003) European Workshop on "Grid-based Virtual Organisations & collaborative e-Entreprise applications ", Commission Européenne, DG INFSO-F2, BAE Systems

Parallel CFD 2003  (Moscou, Mai 2003) invited lecture, PPT

PARA'02 (Helsinki, Juin 2002) PowerPoint, 1,2 Mo

CAST : manuel utilisateur (in French, HTML, May 2002)

Transparents (July 2001)

Expérimentation sur grappes de PC (in French, HTML, March 2001)

Présentation générale (HTML, February 2001)